Precast Concrete with Terrazzo in Polished Finish

The term finish is used to define the surface texture of a precast concrete, GFRC, or GFRG item. All of the finishes listed below may be used in conjunction with any Ravacast color.

Smooth Finish  Base rate
Smooth Finish

Has slight tonal variances in color and is smooth to the touch. Although precast concrete, GFRC, and GFRG pieces made in this finish are capable of complimenting any style, smooth finish is best utilized when a more modern appearance is desired.

Being the most cost effective solution offered, smooth finish is also a great way to alleviate budget concerns without sacrificing the benefits of incorporating cast stone into your project.

Sandstone Finish*  Base rate + (approximately) 15%
Sandstone Finish
Has a varied, speckled appearance and a slight grittiness to the touch (similar to sand paper). Often used in hardscape settings, such as with precast concrete steps, pavers, and pool coping, sandstone finish is a durable option for areas that will be receiving heavy wear.

This finish is also a good choice when a less monochromatic appearance is desired. Due to the etching process used in creating the sandstone finish, light and dark granules in the sand are exposed, revealing a subtle sparkle and adding further variance in color.

Travertine Finish*  Base rate + (approximately) 35%
Travertine Finish

Has random voids and pitting on the surface, much like natural travertine stone. Although, this is generally the most common finish chosen across the board, it is best used specifically when an Old World appearance is desired. Because the travertine finish is produced by hand, each piece has its own unique patterning, further mimicing the look of natural stone.

If you're going for an organic, rustic feel, this is the finish for you. Try a heavy travertine finish for an even more distressed appearance.

*Available in light, standard, and heavy variations.

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